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The beacon smoke rises, gathering soldiers. Heroes come out of war. In “the western continent,” you are the Lord. Here you can rule one side, build a city pool, train the soldiers, fight the quartet, and finally realize the dream of the king.

The opening conditions for the battle for the throne:
When the game takes time to reach a certain stage, it will be the battle of the throne, the battle for the throne, and the victory can become the king, the master.
(hint: the exact beginning of the battle for the throne can be opened on [the world map])

How to fight for the throne?
When the battle for the throne is opened, any Lord can send a soldier to a palace or to a stone-throwing vehicle. If members of the alliance occupy, the soldiers will enter the palace or throw a stone car to defend. If an enemy alliance is occupied, the battle will be fought, the victory of the battle will take control of the palace or the stone vehicle, the battle will fail, and the control will remain unchanged.
(tip: the maximum number of soldiers for a palace or a stone-throwing vehicle is decided by the first occupant’s union hall)

The role of the palace and the stone throwing car:
Palace: the occupation of the palace is the condition of victory.
Throw stone car: after occupation, every other time will drop the stone attack to the palace, kill the enemy garrison inside the palace.

The winning conditions for the battle for the throne:
You can win the king’s war by taking the throne for eight hours.

Awards for winning:
In the end, a victorious alliance may appoint a king. Being a king can be enhanced with a strong gain state and can also be assigned to other people, each of which has a corresponding state bonus. In addition, the king can also distribute victory bags, giving material rewards to members of the union who have contributed in the battle.
“Clash of Kings: The West ” is a global and uniform RTS+SLG real-time strategy war game, as well as an official sequel to the battle of the COK Kings. In the game, 60% of fresh play is added, which will enhance the game strategy and enhance the user experience so as to make the game more balanced. Currently, 90% of the players in the game are from abroad, with Russia, the United States and Brazil in the top three. Let us take up the weapon, we are ready to go to the game to witness the rise of China! Fight for China, wait for your join!

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