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As a popular war strategy game, the battle between players is always the theme of the game. You can’t miss the ares arena because you like to be in the lineup and fight against each other.
As a competitive arena, with its low threshold and strategic popularity, we are here to explain the mysterious ares arena.

Participation conditions:
Castle level 10 to participate in the ares arena. The ares arena is divided into domestic arenas and global arenas. If you like to challenge your local players, you can show them in your own arena. If you are strong enough to show yourself, try the global arena and enjoy the attention of players around the world.

How to challenge it?
When the activity is turned on, the lords are in the battle god arena interface, which can be challenged as long as you click on the goal you want to challenge. The challenge of winning is to take the place of the challenge, and the ranking will not change. Convenient for the Lord to see the other side’s platoon, setting up a targeted lineup to win.

Limit of number of challenges:
Ares arena have free every day the challenges of The Times, challenge the result no matter the battle will deduct the number one challenge, challenge after less than, if you want to continue to challenge, can also through the phone a few number of gold COINS to buy challenge to fight on.

Challenge strategy:
In the process of challenge, encounter an unbeatable opponent, might as well change a goal to carry on the attempt, if can defeat, also can continuously improve oneself place ranking, get rich reward.
After each challenge actively, there are have disabled, as far as possible in a timely manner after the battle every time heal the wounded, in case the number of disabled soldiers and killed and exceeding the maximum limit treatment tents to accommodate power loss.

Competitive rewards:
As sporting in-game content, reward nature very profitable, besides of gold COINS, will also provide a lot of glory badge drawings, scientific research and production of advanced equipment and advanced war, bonus to attack and defense, and so on, reward is good, what are you waiting for? One day I hope to see the great battle of the lords and men in the arena of war!
” Clash of Kings: The West ” is a by the Beijing zhi star technology co. LTD develop and publish the epic strategy game, is made up of COK player-wise bend force makes the dispute of the Kings of the orthodox sequel, is about a story happened in mainland in the western world. A new chapter opened by the black knight Lord. In mainland China to hide the black knight in the farm, and the black knight treasure, if kingdom was born after the king, the king could sign privateers license gives some powerful lords, allowing them to participate in the kingdom of battle.

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