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As the launch time goes on, lords collocation have a certain understanding of the troops, in order to enrich > > > play, in 1.58 we introduced > > > to strengthen the system, power lords create diverse forces.

The opening of the military reinforcement system:
When the lords’ main city level is promoted to level 10, it can be entered into the military reinforcement system through the [enhanced] entrance of any barracks.

The operation of military reinforcement:
Military reinforcement can enhance the strength of war, so how to strengthen the arms?
First, in the arms to strengthen the system, we can by clicking on any > > > “reinforcement” button of the interface, through the consumption of certain strong arms fossils, can promote intensive level, raise the properties of the arms.

The consumption of reinforcement:
Military reinforcement enhances powerful properties, so special types of strong fossils are needed for reinforcement. As the number of intensification increases, the consumption of reinforcement increases gradually.
After a daily server time of 0, the enhanced consumption will revert to the current level of initial consumption. It is a one-time enhancement to suit your own level or every day to strengthen step by step to achieve your goal, let the Lord adult choose.
The role of military reinforcement:
The military reinforcement system has opened up the reinforcement for infantry, cavalry, bowmen and car soldiers, each of which has opened four reinforcement directions. For example, an attack, life, defense, and damage reduction are enhanced in the infantry game. Suzerainty adults can gain a lot of gains by reinforcing any kind of property, and all of your class of infantry fighting or defending can be enhanced.

“Clash of Kings: The West” is a global and uniform RTS+SLG real-time strategy war game, as well as an official sequel to the battle of the COK Kings. ” The West” update adjusted the COK 70% payment mechanism, is no longer ordinary players out of the game, the other in-game by another 60% of fresh style, vigorously promote strategic game, enhance the user experience, make the game more balanced whole. In the end, the game, compared with the previous one, added 19 items of 31 features to enhance the global experience and let players of the world fight on the same server.

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